Fabricated Stainless Steel Tanks & Steel Tanks

We fabricate steel and stainless steel tanks and vats, round or rectangular of virtually any capacity. We have experience fabricating many different types of tanks such as separator tanks, process tanks, mixing tanks and more.

stainless steel tank

Stainless Steel Processing Tank

We have experience manufacturing made to order stainless steel tanks and vats for many different industries including food processing, waste water treatment, coating manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and more.

With our shop capabilities, we can manufacture tanks with capacities from 10 gallons or less to 18,000 gallons or more. If required, baffles can be added to the inside of tanks for mixing purposes. We also manufacture jacketed steel and stainless steel tanks if the tank contents require heating or cooling.

Additional stainless steel tanks we manufacture:

  • Mixing Tanks
  • Jacketed Mixing Tanks
  • Food Grade Processing Tanks
  • Baffled Tanks, and more
steel separator tank

Steel Oil and Water Separator Tank

In addition to stainless steel tanks, Ahner Industrial is a manufacturer of steel tanks. Pictured above is a oil and water separator tank designed for the manufacturing industry. Tanks fabricated at Ahner are dye tested to ensure weld quality and tank integrity. Steel tanks can be painted and assembled if required.

Our capabilities include fabrication of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum from 26 gauge to heavy steel and structural steel. Those capabilities make us the perfect place to fabricate tanks with virtually any design requirements.

Additional steel tanks we manufacture:

  • Fuel Tanks
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Insulated Tanks
  • Oil and Water Separation Tanks, and more
steel fabricated water treatment tank

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